Ferrero - Kinder Bueno

Great news: we won the Kinder Bueno contest! Stay tuned if you want a sneak peek of the amazing project we are momentarily working on.


After a day shooting the delicious snacks from Delitraiteur, we managed to compose a very refined and authentic folder for our Event and Business groups.



A very fun and ludic project for our Ferrero client. We created a booklet with pop-ups for their 2015 Easter campaign.



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At bbs Global Communication, we like what inspires. Advertising and its challenges, TV series, nights out regretted the next day, sports, sex, end-of-day brainstorming sessions, hassles at the crack of dawn, video games. At bbs, we listen to rock music that makes people waltz, we meditate with coffee, venerate well thought out graphic design that ventures where others dare not go, we adore the metallic pantone range,…
In short, we simply love advertising that’s alive, simply because that’s how we are.
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